ezmuze+2.0 rating

So, ezmuze+2.0 released - and it had problems. We expected this somewhat - but it meant the games rating suffered.

I think we are in a position now to say we no longer deserve a bad rating. We've fixed the crashes for most people, we've got the server online (and its working AWESOME), the site is coming together - and generally, for a 2 man project and a $5 product, i think we are rocking it.

What I am asking is that if you gave ezmuze+2.0 a low rating when it came out due to problems - you revisit the rating - reconsider it. I'm not saying you should rate it 5 stars - I'm just asking you to update your opinion now that ezmuze+2.0 has improved.

Doing this gets us further up the top rated chart (Where ezmuze+ hamster edition is still 6th place!) - and when we do well there we sell more copies. The more copies we sell, the more we can justify the expense of things like the server, getting more sample packs, site upgrades and other such fun stuff.


madninjaskillz - Feb 18, 2013 02:06 AM Share

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