server status

As you are probably aware - the server is up and running. Things arent perfect but its not too bad at all.

Current issues include:

  • Software wont run on my server, meaning for the moment its running on my development PC - meaning there are times when it has to be offline for me to develop
  • The system uses TV capture to get data from the xbox - we are currently using composite which is low quality and causes some data issues - upgrading to a HDPVR2 or similar would resolve this
  • The manage my files is still integrated with the old server - and new files arent showing here

The server issue is my own issue - and just needs me to spend some time. The TV card issue is one of funding - we will probably put some banner advertising on the tracks and similar things to fund such upgrades - or maybe run a donation drive. As for the tracks not showing - We are working on a system similar to how soundcloud manages things. It wont be available right away, but till then we have the stop gap of to keep you going.

If you are having problems with tracks uploading - please be patient - the server status should show if the server is indeed online - and if you still have issues, try uploading a smaller track. Once we get a better TV card the longer tracks will be no issue at all

madninjaskillz - Feb 16, 2013 02:29 PM Share

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